New Service now being offered!

The “Zippy Skippy”

This is an economical, quick, approximately 15-minute visit for those pets that only need something zippy…

This would be great for an elderly pet that can no longer hold it all day while you’re at work & just needs to be let in the yard or taken on a short walk, or maybe a kitty who just needs to be fed and maybe have the litter box checked & scooped, or maybe your pet has been put on an oral medication and needs it to be given at a time of day when you just can’t be home… so many excellent reasons to schedule a “Zippy Skippy” appointment!

This is not a service that is suggested or intended for puppies or high activity dogs that need a long walk or exercise, or that will be spending an excessive amount of hours at home alone on a regular basis.

Give a call or send a message so we can get you on the schedule!

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