Your Pet Care Needs as the Pandemic Continues…

As this pandemic continues, but the world begins to slowly get back to normal – FuzzyLuvins Pet Care, LLC is still here.   If you are considered essential and need to be away from home, we can be there to help care for your animals.

FuzzyLuvins is now open again to accepting new clients, so if you have an upcoming vacation planned let me know!   There are no deposits to hold your time slot, just a first notified first reserved basis – so if anything gets cancelled there is no monetary loss on your part.  At this time, phone consultations only but and when all is clear, we can meet in person (required before any service commences)

***If you are an essential employee who unexpectedly finds yourself in a situation where you NEED pet care ASAP, please call or send a message – I WILL work with you to get care started as soon as possible.

Also, if you spent your quarantine time adopting a new fuzzy friend and will be in need regular care when you return to work, let me know!!   There is limited space available for daily/weekly visits if you live in the Hanover or Littlestown area.  I would love to hear all about your new best friend and eventually meet them when the time comes.

I miss all of my regular clients so much and can’t wait to see them again – hopefully very, very soon!

Stay Safe & Healthy,


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